At HIMserve, we seek to find holistic solutions for the problems which continue to plague the Himalayan region.

Decades of political unrest, frequent natural disasters, epidemics, formidable geographic barriers, weak infrastructure and lack of access to quality education & health care have left the people of the Himalayas resigned to accept a stark existence.

We have seen the power of local communities in action.

With little more than:

  1. 1) Simple tools and new techniques
  2. 2) Proper Training
  3. 3) Unity and Communal Cooperation Individuals and communities can move from simply surviving to thriving.

HIMserve begins by unifying community based organisations and empowering them to serve their communities.

Next we, offer skills training and capacity building for the entire community. When people begin to find the solutions to their problems within, they will never again have to go without.

HIMserve fosters development by investing in social, environmental, economic, mental, physical and spiritual health.

Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Small scale agriculture is still the main livelihood of the majority of the villages in our region of service.
HIMserve partners with communities to bring new resources and techniques which enhance the sustainability and income of local farmers.

Child To Child & Adolescent Groups

Youth can be a powerful agent of positive change.
Recognizing this, HIMserve trains and empowers children and adolescents to address health problems, social conditions and environmental issues in their communities.

Community Health Volunteers

Every village deserves someone who can address the primary health care needs of the community.
HIMserve has trained and equipped nearly 250 mothers to fulfill this role!

Emergency Medical Service

Prevention is better than cure but medical emergencies still happen.
Hospitals are often far out of the reach of remote Himalayan communities.
HIMserve operates 4 ambulances which link villagers with the essential services they need to survive.

Himalayan Health Resource Library

Governments, NGO's and Non-profits across the Himalayas have created a wealth of digital materials to promote health, education and community development throughout the region.
Due to geographic, linguistic and economic barriers many of these open source materials have not been widely disseminated. Many local NGO's and Community level workers do not have the time to spend hours searching the Internet for these life saving and promoting resources.
Many do not even know where to begin their search. HIMserve has compiled these materials so that every community can have access to the information it needs to thrive...

Holistic Training

HIMserve works to unite fragmented Christian communities and share the vision of holistic community service.
This is the foundation on which all of our endeavors are based.

Medical Scholarship Program

HIMserve will send 5 students from remote/impoverished backgrounds to Medical School starting in 2015 through the Dr. Paul Brand Medical Scholarship.
Learn about our vision to transform health care in the rural Himalayas!

Rural Education & Teacher's Training

As traditional lifestyles give way to new modern norms, the need for quality education grows everyday.
HIMserve helps support community founded, owned and operated initiatives which advance education and train teachers to be more effective educators.

Special Projects

HIMserve undertakes special projects on occasion based on the community's needs and request.
Find out more about some of ways we have worked foster solutions.

Village Development Committees

HIMserve facilitates the formation of community based groups which serve as a catalyst for regional development and self reliance.

Grace Student's Hostel

Grace Student's Hostel, initiative of HIMserve, located in Suntalabari, which is a last motorable point.
Beyond is a hill under "Buxa Tiger Reserve Forest" consisting of 12 forest villages. People living in and around Buxa Forest are mostly Dukpa Tribe (Mongolian) who are poorest of poor and practice animal rearing & primitive jhoom cultivation.
The heart of the problem in these villages lies in the road. If one could even describe it as a road, it's a hill extremely uneven, narrow and surrounded by forests.



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