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 Our overall strategy is to work in the background and have our church partners in the foreground. Behind this is the conviction that the church should play a leadership role in the world. The church needs to become increasingly relevant, especially in the communities to which it belongs, and to live out the mandate to be salt and light in this world. Therefore HIMserve does not place its name on any of the work it does. Instead, the organization seeks partnerships with churches that express a genuine desire to learn more about and to live out the church's God given mandate to practice the holistic mission found in the Gospels. All members of these communities should benefit spiritually, economically, socially and emotionally from the efforts of the Church. When members of the wider community benefit in this way, the Church, not HIMserve, should be seen as the source of the blessing.
Himserve's work philosophy


 In the first four years of its life, HIMserve operated through four different sections – Church Mobilisation, Community Health, Child to Child Education and Community Development. Originally, each section planned and executed its own programme independently, based on requests of our community partners. Even though the separate approaches were in line with the overall vision and mission of HIMserve, there was very little interaction and cooperation between the sections. Eventually it became clear that HIMserve’s efforts needed to be integrated to effect lasting transformation in the community. After nearly a year of effort, in 2008-09 the independent sections were merged into a unified team without sacrificing the unique focus, skills and content of each. The whole of HIMserve became one “community transformation” team. Every team member is a part of the planning, execution and evaluation of the mission. Our field staff have been assigned geographical areas and our technical experts have areas of focus but still contribute to the whole. Today the work of HIMserve involves: challenging, mobilizing & equipping Christians for holistic living; forming and equipping the wider community to run community based groups; training and helping leaders run Child to Child Clubs & Adolescents Groups; training Community Health Volunteers with a focus on prevention; Providing ambulance services in remote and needy areas; Running a rural health clinic; Training of Sunday school teachers & primary school teachers; Running a rural Junior School; Training adult literacy facilitators; Providing trainings in agriculture, animal husbandry and other income generating activities; Raising awareness on issues that are of concern in our work areas; Investing in community motivators to be long term initiators of change in their communities.
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