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 Governments, NGOs and Non-profits across the Himalayas have created a wealth of digital materials to promote health, education and community development throughout the region. Due to geographic, linguistic and economic barriers many of these open source materials have not been widely disseminated. Many local NGO's and Community level workers do not have the time to spend hours searching the Internet for these life saving and promoting resources. Many do not even know where to begin their search. ECTA has compiled these materials so that every community can have access to the information it needs to thrive.
Watch ECTA's YouTube Channel to see "Where There Is No Doctor" videos produced by USAID. The videos are in Nepali and an excellent resource for training village health workers.


Hesperian is the most widely used and respected publisher of public health and community development books for the developing world. The publisher has translated their materials into many languages including Nepali. Across several years ECTA has complied open source PDFs of these priceless publications and created a PDF version of Where There Is No Doctor in Nepali.
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Facts for Life
Birth Emergency
Hygiene-Sanitatioin Newborn Care
Mobile Apps Sick Children
Online Resources Nutrition
CHW Skills
First Aid





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Helping Children Who Are Deaf


Water For
OLE Nepal's E-pustakalaya Is a virtual library providing articles and teaching/training materials in English, Nepali and other Himalayan Languages. There is a very large and easily search-able open source collection.


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