Child to Child and Adolescents



Child To Child & Adolescent Groups VISION - To see the holistic development of children and adolescents into mature and responsible human beings who contribute to the well being of their society. MISSION - Formation of CTC Clubs and adolescent’s group in different areas, such as schools, churches and communities to achieve our goal. WHAT DO CTC & ADOLESCENT GROUPS DO?
• Enabling children to understand, practice and spread the message of GOOD HEALTH.
• Training children to be agents of change in their families and communities in the area of prevention.
• Develop life skills in children by helping them to take decisions, increasing good self-esteem, learning communication, critical thinking, problem and solving skills.
• Training CTC club leaders in a six steps approach, to teach children effectively. ADDITIONAL TOPICS FOR ADOLESCENTS
• Develop life skills that help them to deal wisely and responsibly with the different problem they will be confronted in life.
• Develop good behavior, attitude and habits including relationships with others, healthy living, gender issues, etc.
• Have an understanding of a physical and emotional change that occurs during child to adolescent years.
• Development of leadership skills.
• Learning to work in a group for the benefit of wider community.
• Leading them to the love of God. CTC Clubs = 58 groups.
Adolescent Clubs = 23 groups.
Trained Sunday School Teachers = 27 Schools.
Trained Formal School Teachers = 18 Schools.
Trained Leaders of CTC Clubs = 162 Groups.
Trained leaders of Adolescent leaders = 87 Groups.

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