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Birth Emergency
Neonatal Resuscitation: Home Setting
This film demonstrates correct delivery and care of a neborn and This film teaches the key steps to follow immediately after the delivery of a newborn who is not breathing in case it could not take place at a health centre. It insists on the importance of drying the baby and teaches how to put the baby’s head in the neutral position, in order to open the airway, and how to perform mouth-to-mouth. Shot in Africa. ENGLISH, LIVE ACTION & ANIMATION.
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Neonatal Resuscitation: Hospital Setting
This film demonstrates correct delivery and care of a neborn and how to resuscitate a newborn that is not breathing using a bag and mask. ENGLISH, ANIMATION.
Manual Removal of Placenta: The film will speak about what retained placenta is, why it is important to be removed and the essential steps that need to be undertaken. Animation teaches the technique of the procedure much more effectively, showing how one hand is placed on the fundus of the uterus while the other carefully works around the edge of the placenta gradually separating it then removing it for the uterus. Shot in Africa ENGLISH, LIVE ACTION & ANIMATION.

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