Our Special Projects

Water Projects

In many remote villages, water access is a significant issue. It is not uncommon for villagers to have to carry all they need from a distant source. This consumes a lot of their time and energy and makes rural families less productive. Bringing fresh clean water to people's homes simultaneously improves health, agricultural capabilites and the number of animals one can raise. Given the severity of the situation, HIMserve has helped pipe sufficient water to the villages of Rambi, Aafatey and Katarey. Working hand in hand with the community as well as other partnering NGO's, these projects have helped villages to thrive rather than simply survive!

Medical Camps

Upon request from communities and with proper volunteer support, HIMserve facilitates and hosts village based Medical Camps. These events reach out to unmet and untreated patients who have been unable to access the care they need. In addition to the typical on going health needs of a community, usually each camp uncovers several individuals who have been suffering from a debilitating conditions for an extended period of time. Many of these conditions can be treated with low cost simple treatments which can administered locally.