Income Generation

HIMserve is functioning with external and internal financial support since the year 2003. But due to global recession, pandemic impact and internal conflicts & crisis in countries, we have started income generating projects named "HimAnimal Farms" for supplementary income for the organisation. Planning is done with survey and research followed by analysis and assessment about feasibility and marketing. The deeds are made with land owners as the construction is done and goods are provided by the organisation. The expected targets are made to achieve goals within stipulated months.

Income generating in the land and supervision of following:

  • 1. Asit Rai (Piggery, Poultry & Goatery), Suntalabari Hostel
  • 2. Yuden Lepcha (Piggery & Poultry), Toribari
  • 3. Akela Lepcha (Piggery), Dabling
  • 4. Ruben Rai (Piggery, Poultry & Goatery) Bhanjhyang
  • 5. Suren Rai (Poultry), Bichgaon
  • 6. Dhiraj Rai (Poultry), Hatta
  • 7. Dinesh Rai (Piggery), Rajabhir
  • 8. Rajesh Thapa (Poultry), Deep Nagar
  • 9. Sheila Subba (Poultry), Isa Busty
  • 10. Elina Soren (Poultry), Isa Busty
  • 11. Om Kr Thapa (Poultry), Champasari
  • 12. Suren Tamang (Poultry), Barbote
  • 13. Purna Tamang (Poultry), Joreline
  • 14. Pius Lepcha (Poultry), Lolay
  • 15. Saran Lepcha (Poultry), Soryoksha
  • 16. Roshan Lama (Piggery), Lanka
  • 17. Biswas Bhujel (Piggery & Goatery), Kumai
  • 18. Samuel Dukpa (Poultry), Rajabhat
  • 19. Samuel Lepcha (Goatery), Lungshel