Health Clinics

There is no Doctors in the nearby health centres of our remotest work areas in 4 districts of North Bengal. The nearest hospital is atleast 2-3 hours journey either by walk or public transport. Therefore it is not uncommon that patients die before they get to the hospital. Our challenge is to provide basic health facilities through our 4 Health Clinics in Daragaon (Darjeeling), Chunabhatti & Adma (Alipurduar), Lungshel and Barbote (Kalimpong). These clinics provide preventative care and emergency first aids for the sick people. There is CHV or MPS trained staff available 24 hours for the patients. The staff measure fever, blood pressure, sugar level, oxygen lebel and dehydration of sick people and provide necessary medicine or suggestion for immediate health care.
Injured individuals are also treated with first aids and community based emergency health care in these 4 clinics.