Community Health

In conjunction with our community partners we have now been involved in the training of 250 health workers!

About the Program

HIMserve Health Training Programs

Community Health Awareness

This program conveys basic life saving messages conducted at schools and community events.

Community Nurse/EMT

HIMserve selects willing and able candidates from isolated villages to train for 6 months as community nurses at Navjeevan Hospital, Gayaganga. Two young men have trained as EMT (and now work on our ambulances) and 6 men and women have trained as Community nurses (and returned to serve their home communities).

Community Health Volunteer/TBA

Trains village mothers in basic health and midwifery skills. The 40 day training is spread across 8 months and conducted in the trainee's home community.

Current Volunteers

Attendant Locations

Community Health Volunteers/Trained Birth (Current Model)
  1. Dubling (Kalimpong II Block): 14 graduates from 9 villages
  2. Buxaduar (Kalchini Block): 10 graduates from 6 villages
  3. Lungshel (Gorubathan Block): 11 graduates from 6 villages
  4. Lankapara (Bipara Block): 16 graduates from 9 villages
  5. Barbote (Nimbong, Kalimpong II Block): 16 Graduates from 16 villages
  6. Kumai (Gorubathan Block): 26 trainees from 14 villages
  7. Daragaon/Sirikhola (Bijanbari): 25 graduates from 6 villages
  8. Gumbadara (Bijanbari Block): 36 graduates from 11 villages
  9. Namla (Bijanbari Block): 48 graduates from 8 villages
  10. Ranju Valley (Takdah Block): 32 graduates from 4 villages
  11. Bansbotey (Bijanbari Block): 59 graduates from 7 villages
Community Nurses

In January of 2012, 6 young men and women sponsored by ECTA Int'l graduated from a 6 month nursing program at Navjeevan Hospital, Gayaganga. These candidates now serve their home communities of Chuikim, Kolbong and Daragaon. Emergency Medical Techs: Additionally, HIMserve's ambulance drivers Simon and Suren were sponsored to attend a 6 month EMT program at the same institution. They now provide the first medically assisted transport in the region.

Find Health training resources at the Himalayan Health Resource Library