Agriculture &
Animal Husbandary.

Helping Village farmers to access affordable high yield seeds for new crops.

Majority of the families in HIMserve’s work areas live off agriculture. For some, the conditions for growing crops are fairly good, while for many others they are challenging. Their staple crop is rice with a few different vegetables. HIMserve helps introduce new methods of cultivation, a wider range of vegetables and techniques for raising seedlings. At the least HIMserve would like to see every family have their own vegetable garden so they can have a healthy and balanced diet. Two cash crops, ginger and cardamom have been grown in the areas for decades. Many have earn a significant income from this, but as is the case with all mono-cropping over longer periods, they are currently facing multiple problems from diseases and pests with no complete solution. HIMserve is investigating possibilities of introducing some new cash crops. Every family has a few animals, the favorites being goats, pigs and cattle. HIMserve’s focus is on helping people adopt advanced husbandry practices with a view to preventing diseases and increasing productivity. Agriculture and animals related trainings are conducted by HIMserve staff or by experts brought in from other private or government agencies. There is emphasis on introducing the community people to the government officials and other agencies that can help them directly. HIMserve’s work in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry endeavours to help the rural communities it serves diversify and increase their incomes.