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Other Sites offering open source training material is an incredible resource offering audio/visual resources in over 60 languages. South Asian languages are well represented with materials in Nepali, Hindi, Bengali and numerous Indian languages.

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This organization is focused on producing easy to use, easy to understand audio visual materials to communicate health messages and train care providers. The Story of Cholera is being used world wide in multiple languages to teach communities about sanitation and disease prevention. A new childbirth series is in production which was filmed at the United Mission Hospital in Tansen, Nepal.


USAID Nepal has created a wide variety of publications and media tools dealing with issues such agriculture, food security, human rights, environment, maternal child health and many other topics. This organization has excelled in produce Nepali language material. The USAIDNepal YOUtube channel shares informational videos, "serials" and training videos on all of these developmental topics.

Despite the fact that these films were originally made for Sub-Saharan Africa, they are appropriate for training health workers and promoting community awareness throughout the developing world. Many of the films have been translated into multiple languages and the animated series is completely visual requiring no need for translation!

The Nick Simons Institute is a Nepal-based organization whose mission is to train and support competent health care workers for rural Nepal. The country's mountainous terrain and poverty pose immense barriers to the provision of medical care for people living in remote communities. More than half of Nepal's rural districts don't have basic emergency services, including operations.

CHW Central is a global on-line resource center that enables the wide and rapid sharing of information about CHW work and management offering resources for training and program enhancement.

Maternova is an web-based platform which makes it easy for doctors, nurses and midwives around the world to track, access and purchase new technologies and innovations in their fields to improve the standard of care for those who need it most.