Mobile Apps


Epocrates is a mobile application for health providers which organizes essential information in an easy to use and navigate interface. Large medical references are expensive, cumbersome and hard to come by in the developing world. Epocrates makes it easy to look up/calculate dosages, indications/contraindications, cross reference medications to check for interactions and so much more. Health providers in the developing world can keep up with evolving international standards of care with this FREE application!

The E-algo mobile application software has been designed to assist rural health care workers in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases seen at health posts. NSI is currently doing research on the acceptance and usage of this mobile application by patients and health care workers...stay tuned.

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Hesperian has developed a Safe Pregnancy and Birth application for smartphones and tablets. The app serves as a guide for Health Workers as well as a teaching aid and covers issues such as "Staying Health During Pregnancy", "Danger Sign During Pregnancy", "Danger Signs During Birth", "Danger Signs After Birth" and a "How To..." section.